Grading of assignments

Hi there,

An observation about the grading of assignment (week 1, course 3 - Probability and Statistics):
A grade without feedback on the assignment is useless.

I got all the Expected outputs in the assignment, yet barely passed with 86%. The assignment was heavy on programming (for those without experience in Python); let’s keep in mind that there was no specification on the level of programming knowledge for the course. In the end is Mathematics for machine learning, not programming for machine learning.
Of course, it is nice to see an implementation, but this was beyond a beginner level of Python.

And then - no feedback, no justification on why one loses points.

So, the question:
How are we to learn if we are given the impression of having done all good (based on the automated feedback from the test parts in the assignment), yet we get a low grade with no correction?
This is frustrating and discouraging.

Thanks in advance for doing something about it.

Hi @IP2023, thanks for your feedback! Yes, we are currently making modifications to the assignment and the grader to provide a better experience for learners. Could you provide us with with your notebook and the feedback you received from the grader so we can create better feedback for those cases?


Just to double check - if I’m sending the file, it goes only to you? (not to all the community)

As far as I am aware of, I have no feedback at all, other than my grade.
That is the issue. Also, somehow, my grade slipped to 85.71%

Let me know.

@IP2023, you can click on my name and there the option to send me a message should pop up. If you share it via direct message it will only be visible to me. I think with your code and the feedback from the grader is a good starting point to improve the feedback.