Grades on Assignment , week 1

Hello, I got 110/140 and passing grades are 112/140. please, make me pass out this course. The grader is not giving ma the marks for the partially correct answer as well.

Hi @Hurria_Binte_Abdulla ,

The grading is done automatically. The only way to get full marks is to finding out where the error is. The community members and mentors are happy to help if you post a query with details of the problem.

It is far better for you to understand where the problem lies and get it fixed than just getting the marks. Beside, no one can make any changes to the marks.

Please post a screen capture image that shows your grader feedback.
You’ll need to click on the drop-down by each assignment to see what the grader didn’t like.

Note that the grader really struggles with partially correct answers, since if the issue is due to some types of errors in your notebook (asserts or runtime errors), the grader will crash and give you zeros.

Hey can you share link of your assignment
I am having problem with grader
It would be really helpful

No, that would violate the course Code of Conduct, and potentially get your accounts banned.

Can anyone solve this pls

same problem, does anyone have a solution to this problem?

I do not see any variable named “breed_params” in this notebook.
Does your code just such a variable?

I believe you’re using an obsolete version of the notebook. The notebook and grader were both updated a few months ago.

Please get the current copy of the notebook, and start over on the assignment.

please help me

where i get it

Can anyone solve this pls

Please click on the > next to the grader feedback for the uniform_generator function. That will show you the reason the grader is unhappy. Post back a screen capture image.

Note that you cannot submit a partially completed notebook for grading. It will make the grader crash.

Use the Files menu to rename your current notebook.
Then use the “? Help” menu and “Get latest version” and then “Reboot server”.