Mistake in grading and giving a grade of 0 in the first week

All my results are same as expected but why is it giving me 0?

For example, see the answer to the first two questions. Although it is completely the same, it gives me zero.

You need to run the tests so that the grader can check .
It is just below the questions most of the time .
Run that piece of code to get score. You will see an output like

All tests passed !

In other courses, it was as you say. But in this course, it is the same image that I sent. And all my answers were as expected, but I got 0 marks.

Hello @Mohammad_Fallah !
When you submit an assignment and receive a grade of 0, do you receive any feedback? I believe this helps identify the issue.

Sometimes, restarting the notebook resolves certain issues, especially when the assignment is entirely correct.