Happy Model InvalidArgumentError | Week 1 | Assignment_02

I’m getting the following error. I am not able to figure out what exactly is wrong. Kindly help. It’s like even after doing 3 previous courses I knew nothing.

The happyModel is using the Keras Sequential API. That is a new thing just introduced here, so don’t feel bad if the experiences from the previous courses didn’t cover that.

It looks like you are actually treating it like the Functional API and both defining the function and then invoking it in one step. When using the Sequential API, you just call the Layer function with the definitions that you want and then it returns you the function that will later get called with an input when the Sequential object is actually called. What we are doing here is just defining (declaring) the Sequential Object, not actually calling it. The problem is that you have included the (x) inputs after each layer to invoke the function. That is what is causing the error. You do need the commas after the layers, since we’re just declaring a list of functions here.

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Thank you so much! Your feedback was so valuable. That solved my issue. I really need to look into Keras Sequential API and Functional API.