Have a question about an error I am getting after submitting my work

I was having some issues wih the code running properly in the cell and I deleted all the text from the cell before adding all of my code. Code seems to be working fine but I must have deleted some text which allows the system to grade my work. I am not able to go back to begining how do I obtain the initial content that was part of that cell

Cell #UNQ_C1. Can’t compile the student’s code. Error: IndentationError(‘expected an indented block’, (‘/tmp/student_solution_cells/cell_12.py’, 42, 7, ’ plt.title(“Loss Over Epochs”)\n’))

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  1. If you have a saved checkpoint, you can restore from there.
  2. Otherwise, you will need to delete your notebook and get a new copy, then start over.

You can get a new copy by:

  • Use the File menu and delete your current notebook.
  • Use the Help menu then “Get latest version”
  • Use the File menu and open the new notebook.
  • Use the Kernel menu and “Restart and Clear all output”.
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