I deleted a comment cell and now I'm not able to pass

I deleted one comment cell(for hints of exercise 1 of the assignment)
The error code I’m receiving is:
“Comment line with index: UNQ_C1 wasn’t found in code”

how do I solve this…? Is there a way to restore the file to its original condition?

Yeah it is, just search on google “coursera lab force refresh”, a link will instruct you how to reset the notebook.

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That’s right! This process should work:

If you see Lab Help, follow these steps:

  1. In the top-right corner, click Lab Help.
  2. From the sidebar, click Get latest version. > You’ll need to rename your Lab file or move it to a new folder to obtain the fresh copy of the Lab file. You won’t lose any progress when updating the Lab’s version.

Otherwise, follow these steps to manually refresh:

  1. Rename and save your existing file.
  2. In your home Lab workspace, add “?forceRefresh=true” to the end of your Lab URL.
  3. Press Enter to reload the screen.
  4. You should see both your old and new files in the Learner Workspace after refresh.
  5. Your Lab item should now launch to the fresh lab file.

Source: https://www.coursera.support/s/article/360044758731-Solving-common-issues-with-Coursera-Labs?language=en_US



Thanks a lot for the response. It helped.


Hello Christian
I hope you are fine. I’m struggling to refresh my lab space. I need to do my exercise but it shows an error.

Hi @Mohammed_Hareeri,

can you describe the error message a bit more?
Did you have the same issue as @Narayan_Pradhan had before?


It shows the below message:

“IndentationError: unexpected indent”

I’m not very well aware of how to use python. I’m learning along with the course.

Hello @Mohammed_Hareeri,

Please check out this post for about indentation.

Then, go back to your code, and read the Error Traceback which will tell you which line triggers the error. Finally, examine and make any correction to the triggering line and the previous line.


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Thanks brother! It was helpful.

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