Week 1, Exercise 1 "Initialization" - File doesn't open anymore after browser crashed

Dear deep learning.ai team,

Unfortunately, I am not longer able to load the first coding exercise of the first week (“Initialization”) after my browser crashed while training a model within this notebook. I have already tried to use different browsers (Safari, Chrome and Firefox) and even different machines but the result is always the same. Since this crash the file seems to be corrupted. Could you replace the file or reset the status so that I can start again?

After I encountered this problem, I continued with the other learning material in the DLS course 2 without any problems and finished all of the remaining coding exercises. So it’s not a general problem with the coding tasks, but one with this specific file.

On the following screenshot you can see how the browser behaves when I open ‘Initialization’. The browser remains in this state and the content of the notebook is not loaded.

I would be very thankful for any help, so that I can tackle the exercise and finish DLS Course 2.


I copied the text below from a course. You may try this to refresh your Workspace:

This reading item has instructions on how to refresh your workspace. This will come in handy whenever you’d need to fetch the (latest) assignment and/or other files. And in cases of opening the assignment runs into a 404 error.

How to Refresh your Workspace:

Option 1 - Using Lab Help

  1. Open the assignment.
  2. After the assignment opens up, click "File" (top left) and then "Open…"
  3. When your workspace opens, select the check box before your assignment file. After it is selected, press "Shutdown".
  4. Using the same procedure mentioned above, "Rename" your file. For instance you can change it from assignment_name.ipynb to assignment_name_v2.ipynb. By doing this you’ll be able to save your current progress on the assignment after the latest assignment file is fetched.
  5. Using the same procedure, "Delete" any other file, if any, that you want to get a fresh copy of.
  6. After renaming your file, click on the "Help" button on the top right of the page. From the panel that opens, click "Get latest version" button, and then "Update lab".
  7. After the page reloads go to File → Open… , as described in (2)
  8. Now you’ll see two notebook files. The one you renamed (as done in step 4) will have your previous progress, and the latest version. (Depending on how many previous versions you have kept saved, you could have more than two assignment files in the worksapce)

Option 2 - via URL

  • Follow the steps 1 to 5 as mentioned in Option 1.
  • In the URL of the page append “?forceRefresh=true” at the end of it. For instance, coursera.org will become coursera.org?forceRefresh=true
  • Follow the steps 7 and 8.

If it doesn’t help, kindly let us know…



There’s also a write up on how to get a clean copy that is linked from the first topic on the DLS FAQ Thread.

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Thank you very much. I used the help section to restore the notebook and it worked. Thread can be closed. Have a nice day!