C1 [Week 2] Assignment passed but everything deleted after updated version

I came back to revise the assignment corresponding to Week 2 in Course 1, which I completed last week, and everything seems deleted after updated version. How can I recover the assignment without having to code it again?
Thank you

Open the notebook and you see the “clean” updated notebook. Now click “File → Open” and that gives you a “file navigation” view of the assignment. You should see another version of the notebook that has the date and time interpolated into the name: that’s your previous version that has your work saved. Now click that one to open it. Then go back to the “Programming Assignment” tab and click “Work in Browser” again. Now you’ve got two parallel browser tabs: one with your previous worked notebook and the new clean one. Carefully go through and “Copy/Paste” your completed code from the previous version to the new version. It’s important that you do that so that you are using the latest version of the notebook with the fixes that the course staff just published.

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Hi, paulinpaloalto,
The same happened to me,
When trying to recover the previous version notebook it was empty(without my code inside it).
Is my code lost?

When you do the “Get Latest Version” procedure, that will always be a “clean” copy. If your work has been saved, it would be in another notebook file with the date and time interpolated into the name of the file. Click “File → Open” from the new notebook and have a look around. If you don’t see any other “.ipynb” files around with your work in them, then I’m sorry but that probably means your previous work is gone. You could talk to the Coursera Help Center and see if they can switch you back to the old version of the course. If that works, you could do “File → Download (as notebook)” on the previous versions and then switch back to the new course and upload them. But I’m not sure whether Coursera can actually switch you back to the old course or not.