C4 update 28th March

Just an FYI (trending to a moan!)
The update deleted all my code on these assignments
Not a real problem as I can remember it, but still a PITA

Your previous notebook should have been saved with the date included in the file name. You can copy your code over.

The notebook update process saves your work (by renaming the notebook), and then installs the new version of the unmodified notebook.

No need thanks I have already rewritten two of the deleted files. two more to go.
As an added benefit my score for one was improved considerably.

It should be a simple process to determine if there is a saved copy of your previous work. Just click “File → Open” and have a look around. There is a topic about this exact scenario on the FAQ Thread FWIW.

Also note that you should have gotten a “popup” message when you first opened the new notebook that explained how to find your saved work. Most likely it literally gave you the name of the saved file. At least that’s the way it worked the last time I went through this scenario, but it’s always possible that Coursera has broken it in the meantime.

Hi Paul
Repeating the coding on the 4 assignments that got overwritten proved to be an excellent revision technique.
My post wasn’t a complaint - I now have much more confidence in my understanding of the topic.

Glad to hear that the net result was educationally worthwhile, but I think even an unbiased observer would detect at least a delicate flavor of grievance in your original post. :laughing:

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