Resnet - Notebook code overwritten

The author has updated the code and all my answer code has been overwritten.

How can I recover my work? I wanted to download the labfiles for future referral. I have completed this course.

Thank you to who may help.

Look in the notebook Files menu. Your work was saved under a new filename that inclues a date/time mark.

There is a topic specifically about this scenario on the DLS FAQ Thread.

In addition to the topic about recovering your work, there are also instructions about how to download all the files associated with the assignments.

Thank you both.

I will analyse the solutions you both gave?

Thank you @TMosh and @paulinpaloalto . Found the original file through the “FILE” menu.

Have a great week.

In order to have your work graded, you have to be sure you’re using the original notebook file name. It doesn’t matter what notebook you have open in the editor - when you click the “Submit” button, the grader is going to work on the notebook file with the default name for the assignment.

So you may (or may not) need to do some renaming, or copy your old code into the new notebook.

Thanks Tom for the additional information.

For me it is just for future reference, given that I have already completed the course.