Week 2 assignment - Resnet

I did all the tasks without any issues on the tests however the grader wasn’t working and now my code is not there anymore! Do I have to code everything again or is there anyplace where I can find my code?

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Hi, Rubens.

That is what happens when the course staff publishes a new version of a given assignment. The first thing to check is to click “File → Open” in the notebook and then have a look around in the “file navigation” view that you get. If you see another notebook (ipynb file) that has the date and time interpolated into the name, then that will have your saved work. You can open that in parallel with the current version and “copy/paste” your work over to the new version.

But they made some recent changes that were more major than just a few bug fixes (e.g. it involved new graders and upgrading the environment to include GPU support for better performance), so if that is what happened between your last access and now then you did lose your previous work and have to re-enter everything again. Sorry! Just for future reference, it’s always a good idea to save local copies of your work by clicking “File → Download (as notebook)”. Note that because of some browser issues, the file you get usually ends up with the extension “.json”. If you want to upload it and use it again, you’ll first need to rename it to have the notebook extension (.ipynb).

I’ve the same issue, the autograder marks the UNQ1 identity block as incorrect even though ive passed all the tests. I did try what you suggested but I’m still having trouble

There have been several threads about this issue. The most common cause I’ve seen is that if you omit some of the required arguments on the BatchNorm calls, it passes the tests in the notebook, but fails the grader. Please compare your BatchNorm call with the example they give you in the instructions and the one that they write out for you in the template code. Yours should be the same as those. Please let me know if that’s not the cause in your case.