Programming Assignment: Residual Networks


following your technical difficulties last week, I had to save in remote my coding assignment, after fully solving it.

Today I have found out my submission was not saved on Coursera so I pasted my parts from my own copy and submitted again. I now get the following error: “Comment line with index: UNQ_C1 wasn’t found in code”

Please advise.
Thank you.

To better explain, the code runs fine, it is just that I get a score of 0/100 on Coursera.

Hey @vaccam1, from what I’m understanding, your graded function(s) are missing the unique code identifiers, something that helps the autograder in locating the graded functions. You might have eliminated them while copy/pasting. They look like this:

if your graded functions are missing these unique code identifiers, kindly put them back by manually writing.

If the error still persists, kindly get a fresh copy of the assignment from the “Help” menu on the top right and then fill it with your solutions.

Let me know how it goes.

Hi @Mubsi, how do I get a fresh copy of the assignment from the “Help” menu? Thanks!

Solved. See here: How to Get a Clean Copy of an Assignment Notebook


Yes, for anyone else who has that question, that thread can also be found from the overall FAQ Thread. Since that thread was news to you, it might be worth a look at the other topics on the FAQ Thread.

Also note that the UNQ_Cx lines are new in the very latest version, because they changed graders. That’s why it didn’t work when you uploaded your previous version. Note that it was great that you had saved your work! That is always recommended. :nerd_face:

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