My code dissapeared from assignment notebook

Hi, I just wanted to download my notebook from assignment 2 of W3. But when I open the assignment, it shows a blank (updated?) version of the notebook, where my code is not there any more. How do I get my version back?

Hi @BeeteeS ,

Open the file directory to see if there is another file with similar name to your assignment:

From the menu bar at the top of your notebook:

Hi, no, Image_segmentation_Unet_v2.ipynb is the only version in there

Hi @BeeteeS ,

I am afraid you will have to rewrite the code for this lab. If you would like to lodge a complaint, please contact Coursera help.

Hi Kic, if I don’t get my code back, I don’t see much use in a complaint. Every assignment was quite some effort so I would really appreaciate having the possibility to download the work I’ve already done. so if that’s not possible, can you at least send me (e.g. per email) a correctly filled in notebook of that assignment?

Hello @BeeteeS!

I am sorry for the loss of your code, it is very frustrating. But this is not possible to send you a correctly filled notebook. It is totally learners, neither DeepLearning.AI nor Coursera, responsibility to save or download their code. But if you think your code has been lost due to some bug/issue with the Coursera website, you can contact them. However, if you decide to do your assignment again, we are always here to assist you.


Hi @BeeteeS ,

Lodging an official complaint with Coursera will formalise the loss of your work. This will help other learners as well as Coursera to improve their process if they have in any way caused the problem you have experienced. Their engineer might have a way to recover your notebook, so it is worth a try. Failing that, the community members here are happy to help if you decided to do the assignment again. Often, doing the same assignment the second time can also help clarify our understanding and write more efficient code.

Hi, ok, good point, I’ll file the complaint.

Sorry about that, but what happened is that DeepLearning.AI recently made a significant change to that assignment, which involved upgrading it to be able to use GPUs to make the training run faster. When they do normal minor fixes or improvements to an assignment, your work is preserved by having your notebook renamed. But when they do a major update like the GPU case, it involves generating a whole new Docker image and in that case you no longer have access to your previous work after the upgrade. The only way to defend yourself against this kind of update is to always save a copy of any notebook locally anytime you make a change to it. The way to do that is documented on the DLS FAQ Thread, but the “tl;dr” is just to do “File → Download as notebook (ipynb)” to save a local copy.

Just generally speaking, you always have to defend yourself. Do you have backups of your computer’s hard drive or the pictures on your phone? Computers and hard drives and even solid state drives can fail, right? Even fancy servers have hard drives that can fail. Does AWS backup every single user file? Maybe, but my guess is that would be way too expensive.

Hi @BeeteeS,

The two possible reasons I can think of is, either your work was not saved before you downloaded it, or as Paul mentioned, we recently made changes in the backend of this assignment, so if you opened your assignment at least after a month you last worked on it, then yes, your work might have been lost because of that.

Hi, just an update fyi: coursera couldn’t help either, so I did the assignment again and downloaded it afterwards.