Missing Assignemnts

I am facing problem accessing the code that I submitted in Jupyter notebooks.
I have completed this course last year(July2020). I looked in the Jupyter notes earlier this month and I am not able to view any of the code section that I added to labs and programming assignments

When I open any of the Jupyter notebok, I see the default Cousera code and missing all the code sections that I added.

Any resource or pointers that would help me retrieve the code that I submitted? I had many print and debug statements that helped me immensely to understand basics of Neural Networks.

Would appreciate any help.

Hi @nikhileshsahani, I have checked with the staff of the course. The situation is that, after you have completed the course, there was a complete refresh with content and assignment updates. This is the main reason why you lost the progress in the old course. I can understand it is not a nice to loose some of your content and for this reason it is always a best practice to save your own work locally because there can always new updates and improvement potentially coming.

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@crisrise Thanks for the response.
Definitely not a pleasant update to know that all the work is gone.