Cannot find previous notebooks

Hello, I completed multiple assignments, but due to new content, all my progress in assignments has been reset to not done. Where can I find my previous submissions/notebooks so I do not have to do the notebooks from scratch?

In the notebook, open the “Files” menu, and see if your previous ipynb file is listed there with some additional date/time code added to the file name.

On a similar note, what if you want to see the original (clean) assignment without my changes (I can’t remember what the original looked like)… so how do you just view the original without resetting your whole workbook (if that’s even possible) i.e. deleting your progress?

Ideally, you’d save a copy of the notebook (and rename it to something like “original nb” before you start working on it.

After you have modified the original notebook file, your only option is to rename your file (so that it won’t be overwritten), and install a new copy of the notebook.

I believe there’s an FAQ thread that discusses this, I’ll post a link if I find it.

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Try this:

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That’s a pretty long explanation for something that I thought would be a comparatively simple task, but since I’m now finished with assignment 2 from week 2, on the next assignment, I’ll make sure that I use the 1st method you described, i.e. make an original copy of of the original code at the outset. I’m not complaining, as I understand that a little bit of dummy-proofing can be a good thing, but it’s nice to know that it can be done at least theoretically, if I have the energy to one day go and thoroughly read the FAQ, but it’s a pretty good sign that even after 4+ Coursera classes, it’s the first time that I really needed to ask anything on this discourse site.

It is actually quite simple. The short version is:

  1. Rename your notebook
  2. Help → Lab Help → Get Latest Version

But do you know how to rename your notebook? Not everyone does. Do you know where the Lab Help menu is? Not everyone does. So the instructions have to be laid out in excruciating detail assuming no foreknowledge. I want to write it once and cover all cases.

Oh, and at the end of step 2 above, you still have some work to do. The grader only knows how to grade the notebook that has the standard name, so you have to rename your completed notebook back to the name opened by the “Work in Browser” link. Details, details, yadda, yadda.

Actually, I tried this yesterday (under Help, there were only a couple options), but when I looked at the notebook after I ran it, there was still my same modifications, and then I tried something else (I forget what the other option was, something like go back to the old way) and it just seemed to downgrade the look and feel of the notebook tool, not my code. So now I know I was on the right track, just needed to be a bit more persistent (but luckily there was a comment from Gabrielle(sp?) which solved my problem, and so I gave up on recovering… ) but thanks anyway! By the way, the FAQ explanation might be simplified with your 2 line explanation above… the full explanation runs at least 4 pages on my browser with your screenshots, etc… :slight_smile:

That’s because you didn’t read the instructions carefully enough. Get Latest Version will not replace any existing files. It even says that in the limited instructions under the Lab Help menu, let alone my detailed instructions. It literally says those words “will not replace your files” and then tells you to move them first. Have another look. You’re a programmer, right? You should know by now that not reading instructions carefully is not a good strategy.

Also please note that the mentors are volunteers here. I’m not getting paid to do this. You’re welcome to spend your free time creating your own FAQ Thread that people may well find more useful than the one I created. It’s a community effort and you’re welcome to make your own contributions.

I’m a programmer who has been out of work for the past 6 years, but yeah… I’m not claiming to be perfect… just providing my feedback as I’m experiencing this pretty excellent (overall) Coursera specialization. It’s hard to transmit emotions through text in my experience, so I’ve learned in the past 6 years to also apply emotional intelligence to my human interactions, which can be a challenge when doing it via text/comments. Would be cool if, in the future, there would be more video/Zoom based interaction to humanize the interactions. I appreciate that you guys are doing this… Seems like an excellent way to gain experience (but of course, it would be even nicer to get paid for your work, wouldn’t it??)

Sure, it’s a good point that text is often difficult as a communication mechanism and you definitely lose the whole human interaction side in this format. Zoom is a lot better, but the problem is that it doesn’t scale. There are literally thousands of students in these courses. This Discourse instance has only existed for about 3 months and been open to actual students for barely 2 months at this point and there are already 11k users on the system. This is the beauty and difficulty of MOOCs in a nutshell.

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Keep up the great work, Talk to you later!

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