How to reset the notebook

I have deleted some comments and made some big changes to coursera notebook. Unfortunately I realized I shouldn’t have done that only after saving it.
How can I see the original (not edited notebook) ?

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First “rename” your notebook using “File → Rename” to get it out of the way (and save it). Then click “Help → Lab Help → Get Latest Version”. That will give you a fresh unmodified copy with the “standard” name (the one opened by clicking “Work in Browser”). Now you can rename things back and/or “copy/paste” in whichever direction makes the most sense. The one other important thing to realize is that the grader only grades the notebook opened by “Work in Browser”, regardless of where you click the “Submit Assignment” button. Meaning that you need to be conscious of where you are doing the “real work”. If it’s in a notebook with a different name, you need to plan for a “rename” before you want it graded.

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@paulinpaloalto I dont see here Lab Help option

It is the overall Help in the far upper right corner of the window.

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Thank you appreciate the help :slight_smile:

This doesn’t work for me - it shows me my same notebook. @german.mesa

Are you sure you actually renamed your existing notebook out of the way as the first step? The point is that this procedure will only replace missing files: it will not overwrite anything that is already present with the correct (expected) file name.

That’s a good thing, right? Otherwise you would have just lost all your previous work. With the rename, then you can “copy/paste” any completed work into the fresh notebook after you get it.

thank you so much…i was worried because i was unable to find my notebook as it was deleted by mistake.

Hi, I tried with the Help - Get Latest Version method.
But does not work, even submitting the “fresh” Assignment with no changes. I still get the same error message Syntax


I am not familiar with the assignments in the TF specializations, but there is no guarantee that a “clean” notebook will compile without syntax errors. In DLS there are a number of places where they leave incomplete template code for you to fill in and it has syntax errors until you fill in the correct code.

Try clicking “Cell → Run All” and then page through the notebook carefully to see where the syntax error is being thrown.

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The reset did not help as you said.

When I finished all the activities and send to grade. It worked.


Thank you that helped me too!