Download assignment notebook after course completion

I would love to download the assignment notebook and all the associated files (i.e. images) after completing the coursework for future reference (personal use, will keep it in private).

I see that there is an instruction from Coursera Support that provides instructions on how to download the files: Coursera Help Center

However, it didn’t seem to work anymore. I think it may be a simple path issue. Suppose my lab files are in the directory “W4A2”, how do I download the entire directory?

By clicking the “Lab Files” in the top right corner.

There is a topic about this on the DLS FAQ Thread.

Thanks @Mubsi @paulinpaloalto for the pointer!

Hi experts,
I downloaded the assignment lab files using the “Lab Files” link which is great.
But the downloaded notebook doesn’t contain my own solutions for each assignment.

So I tried File → Download as → Notebook (.ipynb) to download a copy to my laptop local
filesystem. However, when I open it up locally using jupiter-lab the notebook is also missing
my own works for the assignment.

Try looking on FAQ and some threads about saving assignment but can’t figure out the way to
save notebook with own works.

Appreciate if you kindly shed some light on this as I will most definitely need to refer to them
in the future ion my own environment.


Hello MCW!

Course staff constantly update the assignments and when they do that, your old work is gone in the updated notebook. But if you download all the files (by clicking on Download all files, you can get your old notebook and hence your solution.

When you download all the files, there might be multiple .ipynb files. For example, if the original name of the notebook is Initialization.ipynb, then there might be an old file(s) with a name like Initialization_old.ipynb or some other name containing “Initialization”. Can you see that type of pattern in your downloaded folders?

Thanks man it appears I downloaded my notebook to the same older as the unzip
First time when I did that it obviously overwrote the original blank assignment.
What happened next was I downloaded the zip again at the end of assignment and unzip into the
same directory and again it overwrote the downloaded notebook!!! Arrrgggh

Open any assignment you want to download, click Jupyter logo, and click a folder (if there is one), how many .ipynb files do you see?

Only one. But as per my last post, I believe I might have screwed it up myself overwriting the
downloaded notebook into the same directory where was extracted.

I was working on some assignments offline and had some works saved in offline version. I
unknowingly overwrote it after downloading again on completion thinking it might have
my actual assignment work in it.

My bad looks ok now. Thanks for your help!!