Programming Assignments

Are we allowed to download the programming assignments for later reference?


Yes, you can click on File | Download as | Notebook (.ipynb) to download your programming assignments.

OK, thanks. And also thank you for this great content. It is all I could ask for.

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It seems like a downloaded .ipynb file cannot correctly load some images, e.g.:
(from the first optional assignment).

Can we download all the “release” path instead of just the notebook?
Alternatively, any tip to correctly visualize the notebook as when working on the assignment?


The address of that image is which apparently cannot be opened from a webpage whose origin is not coursera:

One option could be downloading the files and adjusting the link to the images from your local environment.

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You’d need to download those images as well. And if you double click that “image” portion, it is a markdown, here you can specify your image path once you download it.

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