Download the Lab's Jupiter notebook after submission?

After completing labs #1 & #2 I have already submitted & got them graded also. But I had forgotten to download them for my future reference. Can I access the completed labs again & download the respective Jupiter Notebooks, without affecting the already graded scores?
Thanks in advance for the answer(s).

If you can open your notebook, you can download it.

I am trying to start the first assignment.
I am a paid user. From where do I get the Jupyter notebook.
It mentions that I can open it from coursera Hub. But where is it?
Thanks in advance. Please help.

you need to follow all of the steps mentioned in the lab. There is aws cp command that copies the required notebook.

If that course uses the standard DLAI Jupyter Notebook mechanisms, there is also an easy way to download all the files associated with a given assignment.

Hello @Mbangalo,

Check out the FAQ question 5 for how to download the notebook.

@paulinpaloalto, seems they are not using Cousera for that. The FAQ question also only shows how to download a notebook. Learners might need to zip the files themselves for a full download.


Hello @VinayKGupta,

Check out the FAQ for labs.


@rmwkwok : “The [FAQ question 5] (GenAI with LLMs Lab FAQ) for how to download the notebook” applies to the regular scenario before submitting the completed lab work.
My question is for the scenario of AFTER the SUBMISSION of the completed lab, where to find it & how to download it for our reference?. I have to do this for both the Lab1 & Lab2. Please let me know how?
Thanks, Madhu

Hello @chris.favila,

Do you have any suggestions for @Mbangalo?


Hi! You can start the labs again and download your notebooks from there. It shouldn’t affect its completed status. Just take note that the start-up might take a while because it is a retake. Hope this helps!

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