Is the "Exercise" refering to "assignments" and can we access the lab after submition?

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I come up with two questions. When I went through the lab notebook, I found nowhere that indicate the “assignments”, but only “Exercise”. Is this what I need to do for the assignment and get graded?


Experiment with the few shot inferencing.

  • Choose different dialogues - change the indice…

Moreover, I wonder after I submit the lab and get graded, can I still access and revisit the notebook and learn?

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There are two types of notebooks. The names are not entirely consistent:

  • “Labs” and “Optional Labs” are not graded assignments.

  • If you see a notebook that’s called a Practice Lab, or a Programming Assignment, or includes several numbered Exercises, and has a “Submit” button at the top, that’s a graded assignment.

You can access the notebooks up until you complete the entire course, or the entire specialization (if it has multiple courses). You must download the notebooks if you want to refer to them after your course ends.


Adding to what Tom has perfectly answered your query, just make sure when you are downloading the notebooks, you download all the other required files with notebooks, in case you want to run on local Jupyter, otherwise, you will not have access to the test files, utils files just like notebook and might be unable to run few of the code cells. So always click Lab Files and then Download all files for running any assignment that you have done on your local Jupyter notebook.


Thank you so much. Does “completing the course” refer to the course expires or obtaining the certificate? I want to know if I can still access the lab after obtaining the certificate.

Thanks, that’s helpful reminding.

No, you cannot. Download your work before you complete the last assignment of the last week of each course.