How to download Notebook

Hi, any body can help?

I’m a new students and I enrolled a couple of day ago
I’ve finished the 2 week test and following the videos I 've been ask to download the notebook
But I cannot find any clues on where I can find this blessed notebook
Maybe is because I’m still on my free period trial?


If you want to download only a notebook, do File → Download as → Notebook (.ipynb). But if you want to download all the files associated with the assignment (and I recommend doing this, instead of just downloading a notebook), read this.


Also, read the Deep Learning Specialization FAQs which covers important know-how about the DLS Courses, the assignments, and other course related topics.

Thanks but I’m here

I’ve to mark as completed even if I cannot find where to open the notebook?
Another question if I may ask

Python Basics with Numpy (optional assignment)

Exercise 2 - basic_sigmoid (can you help me to understand what they ask)?
I do not even understand the question … maybe it is too difficult for me to continue

I do not understand which is the correct answer and how I check it
Please help me

If there is any mistake in your code, you will get an error after running it. Please share that error with us.

Note: You are not allowed to share your code, kindly delete it.