Final assignment has disappeared

Hey! So i’m working on the code for the final assignment with the multi-class classifier, and the notebook ended up disappearing on me. All it shows when I open the lab now is a blank cell. Can someone please help me out or possibly reload the lab for me? I’d greatly appreciate it :slight_smile:

  • Alex

Hello Alex,
I think you need to reload the browser and open the assignment again it may be probably internet issue.

Hey Hirwa! Unfortunately I have tried reloading and refreshing the browser many times already. All of the other labs I have opened up since my issues have started have opened and functioned perfectly fine, so I don’t believe my internet is the issue.

We are going to work on your issue and I will get back to you soon

thanks tons! i greatly appreciate it

Hello @Alexander_Dardick would you send me a private message with the link of your notebook so I can help?