Help AI enthusiast but non coder

I am fascinated by the AI technologies that are being developed currently in the world. As a non IT and non coder individual, i want to learn more about its application and uses. Could y’all please help me regarding this matter?

Hello @Bijit_Pokharel! Hope you’re doing great!

I loved your post. It’s amazing how many AI technologies we use every day without even realizing it! If you’re interested, you should check out the AI for Everyone course. It is for non-IT and non-coder.



Hey @Bijit_Pokharel,
As suggested by Saif, you should check out the “AI for Everyone” course, since it assumes almost no knowledge of coding on the learner’s side. That being said, don’t let the absence of any coding experience or IT experience stop you from entering into the world of AI.

One of my professors wrote his first code in Matlab, in his second year of Masters, and now, he is doing exceptional work in Reinforcement Learning. Do remember that writing code is just like learning a language, and can be easily done while learning about AI. A great analogy here would be while we learn English (a language), we also learn subjects in English medium (such as Mathematics and Science). We don’t wait to become masters in English before starting to learn other subjects in English medium. Similarly, don’t wait to become a coding master. Begin your journey in AI, and sooner than you will realize, you will have enough coding expertise.

In fact, many learners in this community start with other specializations as well, such as Machine Learning Specialization (which I would suggest to you as well), with zero coding experience, and with the easy to understand tutorials, they are able to develop the required coding skills as they ski through the lessons. I hope this helps.


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Thank you guys for your precious advice and suggestions. As you mentioned, I’ll continue to study and learn new ways to incorporate knowledge to further improve my understanding of AI