Help forum in Coursera vs

I wanted to start a discussion regarding support.
I’m okay that the Mentors and QA have moved their support to Deeplearning.AI, bu I still feel that student-student discussions should remain available in Coursera. I feel answers to questions are faster to find and I’m not forced to move to a different website for it.

I want to know if anyone else shares my opinion.

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Hi @nicovlca,

Thank you for your concern!

Discourse is specifically designed for community building and is continuously adding new features, which is why we began using that platform. We have also found that splitting our community between multiple platforms results in a worse learner experience.

By having all of our conversations in one platform, students are free to engage, grow and learn with each other while mentors and QA staff can provide helpful suggestions when appropriate. For this reason, we ask that all learners and mentors engage in Discourse.

Thank you!

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