Help in First Assignment of Neural Network and Deep Learning Course

I have almost completed the First Graded assignment. As per the in-assignment code tests, all tests are passed but still model test is returning error with gradient of weight.
If all the tests are passed then the same functions of initialize, propagate, and optimize should be working fine with Model Test.
May I have a bit of support in this?

Thank you

You posted in the wrong section, I moved it in the right section of the forum (under the specialization). What seems to be you issue though?

That is not necessary. If you pass the wrong arguments unto these functions (inside the model function), you will get the error. The most common mistake in this exercise is to hard code the learning rate and number of iterations.

Please share your full error, if you are still not sure how to tackle it.

Thank you for the response.
I am really sorry not get back to you. I immediately sorted out next day when I look in the comments of that section.
It was not only asking for the expression but also copying the derivative terms from the cache previously created.
The comments and instructions are complete in themselves.

Sorry again to bother here. and really appreciate the time you spent. Thank you