W2 assignment 8 model

I am doing everything correct. Even i passed every test. But in model it is givin me error about propagate but i passed all tests.
I am doing everything correct

I think you need to hit “Shift - Enter” on the model cell to refresh the actual runtime code. I bet you just fixed that initialize call not to reference a global variable, but you forgot that just typing new code doesn’t do anything. You actually have to re-execute the containing cell in order to compile (interpret) the new code.

Of course the bug is not in propagate: it doesn’t change the w or X value. The reason it “throws” is that you passed it bad (mismatching) arguments. Now you have to track backwards up the call stack to figure out how that happened. The bug is probably in your model code.

I checked my code several times, but I am passing correct arguments,
everything in my code is correct. pls, help me to solve this problem

To help things along, are you passing all of the tests along the way, or are you getting red boxes of exception trackbacks, i.e. errors? Even if you are not, can seem that you are passing correct arguments to a function called within a function, but sometimes these are “hard-coded” and of no use to additional function calls further down in the notebook.

yes I am passing all the tests

what could be done to pass model assignment?

Let’s be sure that we agree on what a passed test looks like. Can you show me a snapshot of he output to one of your very first graded functions–Exercise 4-Initialize-With-zeros?

Here is the output of 4th ex.

Thanks problem solved
I was passing wrong value in ex.4
After correction my model exercise is cleared.
Thanks for your support :relaxed: