Help! My course progress lost for Course 4

I just completed my last assignment on the Art generation with Neural style transfer and I was about to submit my assignment when I got errors and all my progress is lost. Now my course in progress is not even showing up in my account! This is really upsetting

Did you find a solution to this? I don’t recall any large scale updates to the courses in March 2022, which is one thing that can cause disruptions like this. Did you try contacting the Coursera Help Center (small blue square ? lower right on the course pages) to see if they can see anything wrong with your account?

Yes, this was resolved the same day, I believe. It was strange. It gave me a notification that the assignment had been updated and my work was lost, but then I reloaded and it came back.
Thanks for checking.

Whew! I’m glad to hear that the problem was transitory. Thanks for confirming.