Assignment Progress Lost

I have done the Week’s 1 and 2 Programming Assignment in Coursera. I was approved. However, I lost their progress. I think that the update caused it. How can I lead with this? Any Suggestions?

Same story with me… should I just wait? Will you keep me informed?

Hi @MPBatista and @IrroIrro,

I’ve raised this issue with the DLS staff. I’ll get back to you when I have and update.


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Hey @MPBatista and @IrroIrro , can you give me more context on the “update” you are referring to. What exactly did you guys do after which this happened ?

I bought the course in winter and spend whole month doing it… then i cancelled my subscription to take a break. Yesterday I payed for the course once again to continue education (CNN course was 50% done). Then I opened it and found no progress (it seems that some 10-question tests still had grades but not sure)

Mmm! I think I also pressed a button to update deadlines…

Hey @IrroIrro, we recently updated the entire Deep Learning Specialisation in April. This message (screenshot below) was left in all of the (old versions of the) courses for the learners. Resetting your deadlines puts you into the new version of the course which, since your progress in the prior version was, as you mentioned, 50%, it started from scratch.

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Khm. So is it possible to return my progress? Not sure that I want to make all tasks once again.
If not… so that’s ok, too.

I’m afraid it is not possible.

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As a general practice, it is recommended that you keep backup copies of any completed notebooks. Just do “File → Download (as notebook)” from any notebook. Note that because of some browser issues, the file may end up with the extension “.json”. You’ll want to rename it to have the extension “.ipynb” if you ever want to upload and use it again. Coursera has been known to randomly erase student work for no particular reason, so it’s best to defend yourself in this way. “Fool me once, shame on you! Fool me twice, shame on me!”

I lost all my programming assignment grades till week 3 just because of this, this issue should be fixed at least give warning at the time of resetting the deadline.


@Mubsi @neurogeek . Is it defined that we are not be able to get our progress back? Will we need to assign again? If yes, I lost 6 hours of work approximately that could be used for CNN, etc and it seems that the big change is related to TF that I didn’t do yet but the first 2 weeks will be the same thing.

Yes, @MPBatista , I’m afraid it is not possible to get back your progress. You’d have to redo your assignments. We apologise for the inconvenience.

I was also just affected by this. I reset my deadlines on Week 1 of Sequence Models. I completed the first assign and received credit. I completed part of the 2nd assignment. I spent about 1 month on the 1st assignment. It is not a good user experience especially if the pricing model is time based subscription.

Sorry for the inconvenience here, but apparently the course staff had no choice on how this worked. In future you can defend yourself against future updates like this by saving your work early and often. I posted instructions for how to do that earlier on this thread.

A possible solution for those who reset deadlines and lost their notebooks:

  1. Contact the help center and ask them to revert you to the previous session.
  2. If not much time passed, you still will see your progress and notebooks.
  3. Download all your completed notebooks

Thanks @juliette I contacted the help center and they reverted to the previous session. Phew!

@paulinpaloalto A suggestion for the Coursera product team is that there should be a warning or message next to the resetting the deadline UI.