My compleated assignments disappeared with no warning after deadline reset

I have just recieved a message that I have to reset my deadline to be able to compleate the Course 1. I reset dedlines after which my finished assignment in week 2 disappeared. My unfinished assignment in week 3 disappeared as well. I did not recieve any warning messages during the reset process. Unfortunatly I do not have time to do this work again. Could you help me to recover my work please?

@Mubsi, could you advise whether this is possible? Could it be that when @Alexey resetted the deadlines it restarted them with the new version of the course? That could explain why the assignments are gone but I don’t know how this usually works.

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I reset my deadlines in this week too. I think my assignment for week 2 was also gone. I thought it was the normal case for resetting the deadlines, so I just took the quiz once again. (just thinking my experience may be helpful for you to clear the situation, I’m fine with this though)

Hey @Alexey , you can try contacting How to contact Coursera – Coursera Help Center and asking them if they can revert your progress, as resetting deadline and the sort are Coursera matters.

I ran into this exact same issue. Except I was on Week 3 and when I “Reset Deadlines”, I lost both Week 1 and Week 2 programming assignment work.

I contacted Coursera via the help center chat and while they were able to revert my session to before I clicked “Reset Deadlines”, I couldn’t access my old programming assignment submissions to reference since they were locked. So Coursera mentioned they are unable to recover my submitted assignments and I have to redo them in a new session.

This is quite a frustrating user experience as I essentially lost my Week 1+2 time. I understand that courses get updated over time, but we shouldn’t lose our course progress because of it.

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Hey @chaitea007, I’m sorry to hear about your frustration. If I were you, I’d probably feeling the same way.
Please understand, besides the course “content”, everything else, especially resetting of deadlines, falls under Coursera’s umbrella. Unfortunately, even we, DLAI, cannot do anything about that.

I have the same problem, no notifications received at all, was at week 4 already, have to start from scratch again.

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