New course deleted all progress

Glad to see this new platform. I don’t know if this is the right place to post this, but since Coursera didn’t provide any help and the following problem is related to DeepLearning.AI course I will post it here, at least it will serve as feedback for the future. I was finishing course 4 of the specialization in deep learning (week 4) and after resetting my deadline, I lost all my progress. All my assignment submissions are shown as incompleted, there are new videos, corrections, etc that also show unviewed, etc. Coursera help staff told that because I chose to reset my deadlines, the new content was pushed. This was done without any warning whatsover. I was close to finishing the course and now I will have to go over the whole course, re-do the assignments, etc. I have little time after work to study, the courses are not easy for me and having to go over the material is really discouraging. I hope the team behind coursera and deeplearning ai rethinks how they deploy new courses that overlap with new ones.

Yes, they have gotten this feedback from quite a number of people. Whether it causes them to improve things in the future, we will have to wait and see. In the meantime, there is a lesson here for us as students: rather than depend on the benevolence of the Platform Gods, we can actually take action on our own to protect our interests in this area: you can make local backup copies of your work. Just click “File → Download (as notebook)” to save a local copy of any notebook in which you have done work. Note that because of some browser issues, you may end up with a file with the extension “.json”. If you later want to upload and use your local copy, you can simply rename it to have the extension “.ipynb” for Jupyter notebooks. Note that the contents of a Jupyter notebook are in JSON format.