Help please - New to python, ML and Jupyter - Week 2 Assignment

As far as resources for learning more:

This course does assume students have some basic coding experience, but not necessarily any Python experience, so there are some optional labs sprinkled in the course to teach python-specific concepts as they come up.

Since students come to this class with a range of backgrounds, several of the mentors have gathered together a FAQ and other helpful resources in the MLS Resources category.

If you are new to coding, it might be helpful to take a little detour and get some basic Python training - maybe a beginner course. You’ll be the best judge of how much you’ll need and what works well for you. Definitely if you find yourself continually feeling lost with the coding assignments it’s time to try getting a little Python background. Try going to the MLS Resources category and search there for topics containing the word “Python”. You’ll find several helpful topics, including, Starting your Python Journey and Learning Python