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The course AI4 everyone is a great way to start the journey into Machine Learning (ML).

Here also some graphical visualization what role machine learning plays in the context of AI:

(From MLOps to DLOps - #2 by Christian_Simonis)

Machine Learning (ML) is not really a specific language but rather a field or subclass of AI which teaches machines / computers to learn from data w/o being explicitly programmed (like rules or so). That has powerful applications if you think of platforms with network effects where data emerge because these data helps that new knowledge and information can be incorporated into the ML model (by training) which often means that the ML model is getting more powerful over time.

Popular languages for machine learning comprise Python, R, C++ or Julia , …
But also Matlab / Octave (see first Machine Learning specialization from Deeplearning.AI ) are popular and often used, e.g. from engineers with control theory background.

Hope that helps. Have a good start and happy learning!

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