What should i know before start machine learning

what i need to learn first before start machine learning course ?

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Hi @Muhammad_Fahad2,

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When it comes to the course “AI 4 everyone” the answer is that you do not need to have any technical or business background prior to taking this course, see: AI for Everyone - DeepLearning.AI

So you are good to go and start your AI learning journey!

In case you already have prior knowledge on machine learning, this thread might be worth a look for some inspiration what might be a possible next step: What is my next distinction nlp or cv or data science

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Hi @Muhammad_Fahad2 , Machine Learning is a subfield of AI, so having basic concepts of Artificial Intelligence would help your process throughout the Machine Learning course.

Although the Machine Learning Specialization course is a beginner level, basic understanding coding (for loops, functions, if/else statements) & high school-level math (arithmetic, algebra) is useful.