Help with LSTM model

I have an issue of understanding how can I train the model for autocomplete text system.

The data I have is array which contain two elements the topic of article number and the article text.

[1,“hello world”]

How can I train the model that this text belongs to this topic and then make the X input as 100 char and the y to be predict is y = 101

so how can i combine the topic of article and the article text.

any sugesstion!

Have you seen this video ?

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The thing is I want to combine the LSTM with lda for autocomplete text, if my input is like a sequence of words and Y is the last word in the sentence, the question is how can I combine the lda features with my sequence features and feed it to LSRM model

Have you seen concatenate layer?

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No, so this layer concatenates multiple inputs for the same output?

Did you read the example in the documentation?
Please pay attention to the axis argument for your needs.

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Do you have time, I wanna show you my code, I need your advice of what to do!

I’m sorry. I don’t have a lot of time to help out on your personal project.
It shouldn’t hurt to leave a link to your code in the thread. Someone might have the bandwidth to look at it.

If this is urgent, please head to freelancing sites.

Good luck.

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Thank you dear I appreciate your help