Hey everyone, greetings from Barcelona, Spain!

Hey everyone!

I am Juan Delgadillo, and I have been an early deeplearningAI student since the first machine learning and deep learning specializations were launched. I love how deeplearningAI team along with Andrew NG work tirelessly to offer us the best courses and learning materials in AI.

DeeplearningAI is one of my first go to places when I need to learn or expand my knowledge on AI related subjects.

On my free time I write about the practical side of artificial intelligence, and how to take advantage of it in your daily life, career, and business, without getting lost on technical jargon.

I have a software engineering background with 10+ years helping early/mid stage startups execute their technical vision towards product market fit.

Happy to be here to learn from and contribute to the community.

Here you can find my:

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