Hi from Derbyshire, UK

Hi there, my name is Lauren, my background is in Language, Psychology, and research in Trauma and Mental Health.

I have recently discovered ChatGPT and this has catalysed a desire within me to understand how AI could be used for good, as well as how to minimise harm. I don’t have a tech background but am interested in application, and in potentially working towards research within this field.

I also direct a community-led non-profit organisation supporting people with trauma, mental illness, addiction and neurodivergence and am also interested in how AI could be used to help us in such a difficult climate.

Any pointers welcome, and I’d love to to hear from people in similar positions or with similar aims.

Hi Lauren
My name is Ranjan and I am a web developer from India
I have started to work on AI few months ago and would like to collaborate with you.
Would you consider me for this ?
Please note : I am still beginner but have understood fundamental things within short amount of time and would like to join hands with you to explore more

Please say your thoughts on this
Thanks, Ranjan

@RANJAN_R_UPADHYA, one copy of your message is sufficient.