Hi I need help with selecting Computer Vision and Image Processing Project

I am seeking assistance in selecting a medium-level project for computer vision and image processing. Once a project is chosen, I must read and analyze 5 to 6 research papers, write a research proposal, develop and implement that project and also work on a research paper or article related to the chosen project.

How to select the project?
I believe that the AI community has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this domain, and I would greatly appreciate any insights, suggestions, or best practices you can share based on your expertise.


Your project sounds interesting. I have a couple of questions, if you don’t mind, to find a project that would be fun for you.

Is there any particular kind of imaging that you are interested in? For example, are you interested in medical imaging, food processing, automotive, etc.?

What kind of A.I. would you like to work with? That might help us narrow things down also.




Thank you for your questions. Yes, those are important factors to consider when selecting a project. Here are my preferences:

  1. Imaging Interest: I’m particularly interested in medical imaging and its applications. However, I’m open to exploring other domains as well.

  2. AI Preference: I have experience with various AI techniques, including deep learning, machine learning, and computer vision algorithms. I’m keen on working with cutting-edge deep learning approaches, but I’m also open to exploring other AI methods if they fit well with the project.

Taking these preferences into account, I’m eager to explore projects that involve medical imaging combined with deep learning or other advanced AI techniques. However, I’m also open to suggestions from your expertise.

Thank you for your help in narrowing down the options.

Best regards,

Dear Rabia,

If you want to work with medical imaging, you will need a source of images which have been curated to eliminate patient information. While you may encounter a multiplicity of image formats, you will inevitably run into an image format called DICOM. One source that I have found to be quite useful to secure such images is Kaggle.com here: Search | Kaggle . Once you link to image sources, those hyperlinks will lead you to associated research papers.

I wish you the best in your research. Let us know how it goes!


Katherine Moss

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Thank you @Katherine_Moss for Sharing and yeah I’ll share results.

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