Hostel choosing is now easier with NLP

As soon as I saw the process of transforming a text into a vector, I came up with an idea that would cut the decision-making time for choosing a hostel.

I spent the last two weeks implementing the idea and I wrote down an article explaining the idea and implementation. I am sharing the blog post with you below:

I hope you find it helpful when planning your future trip! :slight_smile:

Hey @popaqy . This is intriguing and helpful. Great work! It would be even better if the model would work for more than portal. Being a traveler, I would love if it offers that.

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Thank you a lot!
As soon as I refine the model, I plan to expand the application to include airbnb.
Can you name some other portals that you would like to see it on?

Hey @popaqy,
An amazing piece of work indeed. AirBnb is usually the one I refer to, and looks like you already plan to include that, so all the best for that.


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Airbnb is a good option to start with. Since each country can have its own home grown portals, using the ones which pan across most regions like Airbnb is the best option. I guess you might have to do a bit of research in this space.