How can i choose my Specialization

I just finish ml course and deep learning course
What afrer that
How can i choose between computer versions or voice recognise…or data science or what …?

I would start by asking myself: what are my interests? or Do I have a project idea that needs a certain type of knowledge?

If there’s nothing clear, I would probably consider MLOps. Why? because once you learn how to crate a model, the next step is to deploy it. And, as some say, building the model is about 10% of the work, and deploying and maintaining the model in production is about 90% of the work. So, yes, you may consider MLOps as the next field of study.

Alternatively, you can dig deeper into specific topics, like NLP, or GANN. In these, you’ll not only learn new technics and tools, but will also reinforce what you learned in DLS.




Hi Mohamed!

Great question! There is so much out there that it is hard to decide. I choose specializations based on what my current interest is. When I was working at a health care startup, I took the deep learning for medicine specialization as it helped me with my job. When I was job hunting, I was most interested in autonomous vehicles, so I started looking at AI for lane detection.

If you come up with a strategy for what goal you want to achieve, that would be helpful. Are you trying to become more proficient at your job? Are you trying to level up your skills so you can get a new job? Or are you just really interested in lets say speech recognition?

The other thing to ask is do you want to have more depth or breadth in a subject area? Do you want to really specialize in one area, or do you just want to survey many different ones, be more of a generalist. Most jobs are going to want you to be more of a specialist in a specific area. But to decide what area you are most interested in, requires sampling.

Another idea, is to become a Mentor for the courses you just completed. They say if you want to really learn, try teaching the subject! I find this to be true!

Good luck, and feel free to discuss more. This is one of the great life questions! Am I a farmer, or a hunter?