How do I get rid of "Prompt Engineering Learner" from my posts?

How do I get the label “Prompt Engineering Learner” from my posts. Yes, the first course I took was prompt engineering for developers. But that’s not my goal. That was just my gateway drug.

I’d rather that say something like AI learner. But I can’t find a way to change that in my profile. What drives that? How do I get it to say something else?


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  1. Click on your profile picture (top right side)
  2. Click on profile icon
  3. Click on Preferences
  4. Select Title
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I don’t think you can enter user-defined text for the title, but you can pick from that drop-down list what title to display.


Thanks, folks. That defines the problem more clearly:

I don’t appear to have a title field there.

Is that a status setting, or something that someone in the support team for DLAI community can configure or grant me access to? Is there some achievement/attainment I have to get to in order to gain access to that? I mean, you could pick pretty much any other and I’d be happier than “prompt engineering learner”.

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Setting a status is different than a title. Maybe @Community-Team can help with this.

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@pchittum , I made the change to your title. Let me know if it is ok.

Thank you everyone for your help,


You rule!

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We got our moments! :sunglasses: