How do I reset my lab to the original file

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I cannot reset the lab to the original state. I saved a copy but cannot restore original
The lab is : Programming Assignment: Week 2 practice lab: Linear regression
My labI ID is: kpksgpkyqhyw

Hello Dan,

Are you asking for a fresh copy of the assignment file?

If yes, then follow below steps

  1. Click file, then select open. You will find all the files related to the assignment. Select all files and then delete all the files including the assignment notebook.
  2. Once deleted, you will find 404 not found image on your browser. Then close the browser.
  3. Open the assignment page again, when you open you will find 404 not found.
  4. At this time, click Help on the right hand top corner, where you will find Reboot. Click reboot.
  5. Click the same Help on the right hand top corner again, then click Update Lab and Get Latest Version.

Sometime closing the browser helps you to get the fresh copy before you click Get Latest version and Update lab.

Let me know if issue is resolved.