Week 2 practice lab: Linear regression (week 2) - folder deleted by mistake

Teaching Staff, please reset my assignment to the original, I deleted it by mistake
Programming Assignment: Week 2 practice lab: Linear regression.
My Lab ID: shmqkicbmjtk

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The staff can’t reset your notebook, you have to do this yourself.

Use the “Work in Browser” button for the assignment, then when you get the File Not Found error, you can use the Help button and Get Latest Version.

That should give you a fresh copy of the notebook.

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new lab
still not coming up :frowning:

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Please post a screen capture image that shows what you’re seeing.

Check the box next to both of your C1_W2 notebook files, and use the “Delete” button.

Then go to the “Help” menu at the right side, and use “Get latest version”.
then use “Help” and “Reboot server”.

Then you should be able to load the notebook.

it worked thanks so much!