How do I start my ML/AI? I was Mobile developer

Hey everyone,

can anyone give suggestions to help me start my AI/ML career?

Do you know companies that need pure ML dev remote working ?


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Hi @Chris.X

I would recommend you to get started with the Machine Learning course by Andrew NG and Stanford University on Coursera.

It is a beginner course and give you a good background of Machine Learning to start with. And based on that you can define your career in AI/ ML i.e. in which field you wish to go.

I would highly recommend you to take the course which I mentioned above. It would be very useful to you.

Keep learning, Keep growing! :slight_smile:

I have taken almost all of them, done.

Then you already have started your AI career! :slight_smile:

If you wanna get hired in ML roles, then probably you might want to work on some personal projects/ research work in ML like Kaggle etc.

Please free feel to take a look at the React Native Question and Answering Chatbot I posted at the end.

It used React Native Mobile with an offline Deep Learning model to work.
If you were a mobile dev, what stack did you use?

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