How many Epochs was the pretrained GAN trained on?

Can anyone tell me for How many epochs was the pretrained GAN trained on, Because when I started training from Scratch even after 20 epochs the can did not give satisfactory outcome. But the pretend can give stable outputs even from start

Hi Ashwin!

Well, that’s quite hard to say, because we directly have the .pth file (we don’t have the python file that was used for training, nor it is downloaded from PyTorch hub), we can only play a guessing game with its name.


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Thanks Nithin, I have one more question.
While training I observed that the GAN for H->Z just colours all the brown patches with stipes while Z->H tries it’s best to make a zebra brown by painting it effectiely maing a brown zebra . How should I improve the results in such cases? Can we consider this an effect of mode collapse?