How to access utils.cpython-37.pyc

I tried downloading the utils from lab folder but since it’s in .pyc extension, my VSCode is unable to read it. Is there any way I can see the code inside utils module?

HI @Sprihanjay_Banik

Please follow these steps in this like Downloading your Notebook and Refreshing your Workspace to Downloading your Notebook in your PC


Hello @Sprihanjay_Banik,

If you also scroll a little up in the page that @AbdElRhaman_Fakhry shared, you will also find this section called Method 2 - If you want to download the notebook and other files available in the workspace where you will find instructions to download the whole workspace including the source code of the utils. *.pyc is the compiled version so we can never read it, but there is also the source-code *.py version of it, and you can find it in the workspace or the files of the workspace that you have downloaded following the aforementioned instructions.


Thanks a lot!!! I didn’t know how to do it before. It helped me lot to understand the code better, since I know what is happening inside as well

Sprihanjay Banik