How to best utilize the course?

I’m currently doing the machine learning specialization .i have completed 2 weeks from the first course(supervised learning).andrew is explaining everything very well.but when i go to the optional labs - the tools that has been used there ,watching them i get freaked out.because i don’t have idea how to code those graphs and my question is - will i be taught those tools later in the course or should i pause the course and learn those tools(matpolib,sckit learn) first?please do let me know. i am so confused what to do. i kind of in dilemma and got stuck at the starting.

You wont need those tools to finish of the courses, but if you are interested in learning about them and more about python different optionalities and libraries you should check other resources especially online courses for python in Coursera.

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hey thanks.should i just go along the course not worrying about the tools like matpolib and sckit learn and learn them whenever i need them?

Yes. But this course assumes that you are familiar with Python and can understand how functions are created and can use for loop as you will be asked to do this.

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i know python .but was confused about the tools shown in the optional labs.that’s why i was curious to know what to do about those tools

Don’t worry about it. You won’t be asked to create any plot. But as Gent suggests, for your own curiosity, you can learn them.

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ok thanks for your effort