How to download and install Neural Network assignments locally

I have general question about , can i work on downloaded programming assignment file to my desktop with desktop python,
please give me the process to download and to work on my desktop.

Thankyou very much

Check this guide to download all the files and this one for replication of the assignments on your PC.

hi Saif ,
I have downloaded zip file ,but after that how to upload those file in to my PC
python ,and make to work same like Cousera lab environment ,
that i could not do ,please help me.

If you mean that you actually want to run the Jupyter notebook locally, there is a lot of software you need to install. That has nothing to do with the course and it’s not our job to be your unpaid IT assistants for that, but here’s a thread that will get you started down that road. Actually I see that Saif also gave you another thread like that. It is not simple, but if you want to play this game, then the sooner you develop your own skills for dealing with this type of issue, the happier you will be.

If you just want to run the code in a python interpreter locally, then that’s a bit simpler. You have the files in a tree on your system. You need to fire up your python environment and then navigate to that directory.