How to download lr_utils dataset on my device

Hello, hope you all are doing well fellows, I need help in downloading lr_utils dataset on my own device to practice and play around with dataset and clear more concepts on my own environment. I am not able to find this cat vs non-cat dataset anywhere yet or cannot load it the way we loaded it i the lab “x, y,z, a = load_dataset()”, kindly help me download it. Thank you.
Warm regards,
Rabda Waseem

Which week and assignment is this part of?

Here is a thread about how to download all the files for any of the assignments. There is also a topic about this on the DLS FAQ Thread.

week 2 - Deep Learning Specialization, Logistic Regression assignment : “cat vs non-cat”.

Thank you so much @paulinpaloalto it was very helpful, I can now download all files in zip folder on my computer and practice as much as i want. Thanks again!