How to get assigned to a mentor?

I am new to this community and would like to connect with a mentor and seek help when I get stuck in this course. But I am not too sure what is the best way to do that? Please advise. Many thanks

There are quite a few mentors who monitor the forums and watch for questions in the courses that they are interested in. So the best idea is just to create a new topic labelled with the correct “Category” to indicate the course and just pose your question. Someone should reply, but there is no guarantee of a response within any particular time frame. Also note that anyone is welcome to participate in answering questions. You don’t have to be a mentor to know the answer :nerd_face: If you see something that you know the answer to, please join in!

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So there is no “mentoring” as the term suggest to have 1:1 conversations. It’s basically a forum where we put the question and anyone probably one of the listed people is going to pick it up. Am I correct?

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Yes, that is how it works.