How to install lab_utils_uni

How to install lab_utils_uni and what is the function of it ?


lab_utils_uni is a file containing helper functions for the lab.
It should be part of the files when you download using
Lab Files → Download all files
In the top right corner of the Notebook

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You don"t need to install it.

Thank you so much for your kind help.

I have seen the file of lab_utils_uni. py
I seen the file is containing such large code.
I just wanted to know, should we remeber those code also which was written in lab_utils_uni. py ??

Hello @Rahul_Chudasama

The lab_utils.uni file contains helper functions that we invoke in the Jupyter notebook labs.

You dont need to know the inner working of these helper functions to do the practise labs or assignment.

Time permitting and if you have the curiosity and appetite to learn more, then by all means check it out.

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thank you for your quick response!!!

I am trying to run the code in visual studio and it shows module error lab_utils__uni not found.
I was able to download lab_utils by command ‘pip install lab_utils’ but still lab_utils does not help in processing the code. Then ,I tried to install lab_utils_uni by command ‘pip install lab_utils_uni’ but didn’t get response as cmd showed not found.

Hello @Jeevesh_Banchhor,

pip only helps you download and install packages available in their package repository. Since lab_utils_uni is a private script, we should not use pip, but simple copy the downloaded to the right directory. And for your case, the right directory should be the same directory as the notebook. Please make sure both the notebook and the are under the same directory.


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Thanks, but I searched lab_util_uni in my search in ‘This PC’ but didn’t find it, can I download it from someplace.

Hi @Jeevesh_Banchhor ,

At the top right there should be a tab called “Lab Files” inside lab files there is a button to download all files. The downloaded zip will contain all the files needed to run the lab.

Thanks, let me do that.

I did download the files but still the error persists and it shows module not found. Should ,I move my file to some other folder from downloads, if then which one.

Have you started the notebook from a directory that can access all of the files?

I guess , I don’t know how to do that, consider me a novice.

I did see for where my lab_utils file was stored and tried copying the downloaded files to that folder still the error persisted. Please do tell me how to access all files from on device jupyter notebook.

In VSCode do File → Open folder → C1_W1_OPTIONAL_LABS and it should load all of the folders and files in the explorer.

Thank you very much, could you also tell the way to do that using Jupyter notebook ,which I am using on Microsoft edge.

Are you starting Jupyter from command line or something else?
You simply have to start it from a directory at or above all of the files you wish to access.

Yes, I am going to my folder where I have written previous code and using edit address , I write cmd to open the command prompt and write jupyter notebook. If that’s you wanted to know.